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Anatomy of the name-number 666

Not for me to accuse or judge, but only dissolve the enigma of enig­mas, be­cause the time has come.
There was no connection between the number and a name so far, and here it is; but at the present time the key can­not pertain the Roman language, neither Greek nor Hebrew, but it must be world­wide, re­leased from lo­cal roots: first math­e­mat­i­cal, then com­pu­ter sci­ence:
Let this be just the unique, unrepeatable answer to the distant call of John, dictated by Jesus.
Who owns others, setting out !

This is actually the logic that led to the digital computer code from the uni­ver­sal binary, in which there are only 0 and 1, the one that gave birth to the mark, to its application and a match­ing name in due course.
What I want to em­pha­size is that we are fac­ing an ob­jec­tive lan­guage, in time and in space (not only plan­e­ta­ry), un­like the sub­jec­tive com­bi­na­tion of what­so­ev­er lan­guage. And that there­fore the in­vi­ta­tion more u­nique than rare, placed ex­plic­it­ly in the in­ter­di­men­sion­al dic­ta­tion to John by Je­sus Christ - af­ter his as­cent to the Heav­en­ly Peaks - rat­i­fied the es­sen­tials con­nec­tion be­tween the hu­man in­tel­li­gence and the met­a­phys­i­cal.
An ex­traor­di­nary in­vi­ta­tion, that pierces the scenes stormy of a most­ly im­pen­e­tra­ble a­poc­a­lyp­tic sce­nar­io, of too much in­ten­si­ty and sym­bol­ism, for to pro­vide a ray of light which will make the man in­volved, and ren­ders him the ac­tor to fore­head of the great­est dan­ger to be faced by his own a­ware­ness.

A logic unknown at that time, but in­trin­si­cal­ly connected to what in es­sence de­fines this mark, its usage and purpose of control.
The computer does not know alpha-nu­mer­ic characters and symbols of any kind, but just numbers: it is the output that con­verts them into signs having meaning for our eyes.
Among the 256 characters that can be contained in a digit [number] called byte of 8-bit (octet), i.e. [11111111]=28 – that is to say, each represented in a dis­tinct man­ner – after the first 32 control charactes for the use of the systems, and the 32 basic symbols and num­bers, there are the letters: A with value 65, B=66, and so on up to 90=Z.

Of pure curiosity, the 6+5 character A, for the numerology is worth 11, a factor of a new beginning after the first ten [in this case, the beginning of the alphabet].

- …omissis… - (see Italian only)

Generally, by the first three digits of the barcode is possible to deduce the origin (nationality) of the product to which it is affixed. We see for example: 640-649 Finland, China 690-695 ... 800-839 Italy.
The first two letters of the name lead the values 66 69, i.e. the numeral, and the number 9 of the char­ac­ters overall, the com­po­nents of that name re­pres­enting the nu­mer­al itself! 9 also closes the whole series:

whereas it closes the natural order of single numbers, of which only two are missing in the string: 4 and 5 (4+5 = 9).

But that's not all: you can easily notice how the number 9 in­volves scanning the string of 18 numbers almost like the 6 in a barcode, separating exactly from the center 7 on the right and 8 on the left; however, in the left side, instead of oc­cupying the ex­treme, takes on the side­line the incoming figure 666, as if if it had to distinguish that from others, high­light or simply delimit its identifying function - see. the na­tion­al­i­ty-origin - at the en­trance of the name-number: and thus, con­sist­ent with any perspective of ex­am­ination.
If it is not done on purpose, I must say that there is very close.

Want to forward us with a furthest cu­ri­os­i­ty? the following will not add all that much to the data now certain, but it de­serves:

666982 1+591+5 61+79

Two sets palindrome of three numbers, sym­met­ri­cal to the central 9, have nu­mer­ol­ogical sum of 6, which com­ple­ments the 6 following the se­cond, giving rise to a further series 666; and even, the last formation of 3 numbers, before the 9 closing, even palindrome, with only the central value dif­fer­ent from the oth­ers for +2 units, presents a sum­ma­tion of 8, symmetrical to the initial 8, a­long­side the opening 9. It remains un­cov­ered  like a symbolic indicator only the number 2, already com­mented.
All this may also not tell us anything, but I can not help but notice that the sequence once again pal­in­drome 8·2·8, is obtained by add­ing 111 (the num­ber of the popes, so far) to 717; and that it to­tal­izes in turn 18, which is worth 3 × 6; and there is nothing left as uncovered!
A name~number to­talizing more com­bi­na­tions than char­ac­ters: as far as in­sig­nif­i­cant, you will have to admit strange con­nec­tions, since all lead to 666. By the way, while the wording of the figure on the actual plan is six hundred sixty-six, on the ‘ab­stract’ level it is 6·6·6 (six, six, six).
Some­one there, has in­deed been able to do....

Well, [9] it is also the numerological sum of 6+6+6 = 18, from which 1+8 = 9. And here's one more strict ev­i­dence of how both the 9 and the 18 setting out such as DNA  of the name­~num­ber 666. To put it better, at this point it seems to decipher a kind of pol­y­phon­ic sheet mu­sic on various levels, so that to forget an­y­thing it would be more a challenging rhet­o­ric than a sensible option: the name in lower case - which are encoded 7 bytes after Z - would be 954 [ 9+[5+4]= 9 ], of which the sum of the digits is the total 18 ie always 3 times 6! I will be brief: if they were en­cod­ed in different position, also the total would be different.

More exclusive than that ?!

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